Corsair Keyboards Review

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Corsair, a famous brand for gaming gears, also makes top quality keyboards.

WARNING: Corsair STRAFE Keyboards require driver software “Corsair Utility Engine” to work. You cannot use programed keys without Corsair's software, even on another Microsoft Windows box.

WARNING: The STRAFE keyboards do not work on Linux out of the box even as basic keyboard.

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Corsair Gaming STRAFE RGB Keyboard

Corsair strafe rgb keyboard
Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard. Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard

What does RGB mean? In gaming community, RGB (red green blue) keyboard means keyboards that have multi-color dynamic backlighting. Namely, it can light up like rainbow.

You can chose models with different key switches.

Cherry MX Key Switch Guide

Cherry MXbrownbluegreenredblack
Key FeelTactile BumpTactile ClickTactile ClickSmooth (Linear)Smooth (Linear)
ResistanceMedium-LowLowFirmVery LowFirm
Cherry MX keyswitch force travel diagram
Cherry MX keyswitch force travel diagram. 〔image source

〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard

Corsair STRAFE keyboard

This one is just like the RGB, except it isn't RGB.

Corsair strafe keyboard 93796
Corsair STRAFE keyboard Corsair STRAFE keyboard

WARNING: Corsair STRAFE Keyboard requires software “Corsair Utility Engine” to work. You cannot use programed keys without Corsair's software. You may have problems using it in Linux or Mac. Do not buy.

Corsair Gaming Strafe Mechanical Keyboard: Cherry MX Red Switches: Overview. By Joanne Tech Lover.

Corsair K65 RGB Keyboard

The K65 RGB is compact. No number pad.

Corsair K65 RGB keyboard 28571
Corsair K65 RGB keyboard

Corsair Vengeance K65 Compact Keyboard

The K65 is compact. No number pad.

Corsair K65 keyboard 86497
“Corsair Vengeance k65 Mechanical Keyboard” Buy at amazon

The key switch mechanism is Cherry MX Red. (linear feel, no click, light press) 〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Claims “100% Anti-Ghosting”. 〔►see What's NKRO, N-key Rollover?

Good reviews on amazon.

Corsair Vengeance K70

Corsair K70 keyboard 06603
Corsair K70 keyboard

The K70, comes in Cherry MX {Red, Blue, Brown} mechanical switches of your choice. 〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB

RGB refers to the Cherry MX RGB Red key switch, basically means it can lights up in any rainbow color, per key. Essentially, a light inside each key.

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Keyboard Review: Cherry MX RGB Red Switches. Corsair K70 RGB keyboard

Corsair K90/K95 Keyboard (discontinued)

Corsair K90/K95 Keyboard

Corsair Vengeance K60 (discontinued)

Corsair K60 Keyboard


If you want RGB, might also check out

logitech g910 keyboard key closeup 14
Logitech G910 Orion Spark

If no RGB, checkout

logitech g710plus keyboard
Logitech G710+ Mechanical

Logitech ones has 5 extra function keys. And has a sound level wheel. Too bad that Corsair removed their sound level wheel.

If you prefer compact size, “Cooler Master” is a good alternative. See: Keyboards without Numeric Keypad.