Shortcut-S Photoshop Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

A failed kickstarter project. Photoshop keyboard, with 319 keys.

Shortcut-S Photoshop keyboard
Shortcut-S Photoshop keyboard poster.

Its size is 403 mm ร— 306 mm ร— 8 mm. Very big and clunky.

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shortcut s photoshop keyboard 28e5a

I think it sucks donkey ass.

First of all, it's key overkill. Also, the key are flat surface, not real keys. This means, when you use this keyboard, it's like the dashboard on a cockpit. Your eyes will be constantly looking at it, instead of the screen, and both of your hands, will be coordinating with eyes to press the right button.

also, of the hundreds of photoshop commands, 80% of time you are using 20% of them.

this means, all you need is some 50 extra function keys. That'd solve all the problems. Also, when there are lots more keys, you'll forget which function are where, or have to look at the keys.

other app with hundreds of commands includes emacs and Second Life. see

i think a much better system, is to add 50 keys to your keyboard. For example:

Get a keypad.

get a 10 buttons mouse.

see MMO Mouses