Logitech G602 Mouse

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Logitech G602 mouse
Logitech G602 mouse. Buy at amazon

Most mouses with 100 buttons are wired. The only one that's wireless and still lots buttons is Logitech Gaming Mouse G700s. But, its battery only lasts about 20 hours.

but this one fixed the problem.

It uses 2 AA batteries. But you can just use 1 single battery if you prefer lighter weight.

This mouses uses optical sensor. (not laser) At max of 2500 DPI. [see What's the Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse?]

It doesn't feature a tilt wheel. (that is, the mouse wheel cannot be pushed left/right as a button)

Mouse Size Comparisons

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review by Takasta. Buy at amazon

For a mouse for programer, hundred buttons are important. But if you are often on a laptop on the go, then wireless mouse is necessary. Thus, the g602.

[see Why You Need 9 Buttons Mouse?]


logitech mx master wireless mouse
Logitech MX Master
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