SkeleTron Keyboard

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SkeleTRON Keyboard (aka Sukerutoron, ST-2000), was made by in year 2001. About 200 units are made. It is a clone of the TRON TK1 keyboard.

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SkeleTron keyboard
utron keyboard aebea
Sukerutoron, μTRON, Kinesis Advantage2, at Japan keyboard meetup 2018-11-02. [image source]
Esrille New Keyboard skeletron and nisse
Sukerutoron ST-2000 Keyboard (black) and Esrille New Keyboard

[A brief timeline to Esrille New Keyboard − NISSE from 1980's By Shiki Okasaka. At ]

Esrille New Keyboard skeletron ml
Sukerutoron ST-2000 Keyboard
Esrille New Keyboard skeletron height
Sukerutoron ST-2000 Keyboard (black) and Esrille New Keyboard



#新キーボード , NISSE and SKELETRON ST-2000 - We were able to obtain valuable Sukerutoron ST-2000 [1]. ST-2000 is not a real TRON keyboard, that the “keyboard that conforms to the TRON specification.”

Key switches that are used in ST-2000, it looks to Cherry ML [2]. Will you lubricant because it is another old ones are gone off, I feel that rubbing of the switch is very strong, it's another severity likely that this remains actually use without putting a hand.

Key cap of genuine TRON keyboard [3] made ​​of such Oki Electric, is a clear step Sculpture type but, ST-2000 is almost flat step. And I think he tried to reduce costs by reducing the types of manufacturing key cap, but the top row we have become hard to push really.

TRON keyboard NISSE also, the basic three-dimensional shape can be based on your research [4] wins teacher from Nakasako, further placement of NISSE switches are based on the research results of TRON keyboard. Still impression when arranged so key pitch is different there may be a feeling that surprisingly different; key pitch of TRON M size is 16 mm, NISSE M size is 17.5 mm.

Also it is a bit hard to notice, but the larger the difference between in the NISSE and the ST-2000 is the height of the keyboard. When arranged in horizontal two by aligning at the home stage, the key of the NISSE will know that you are attached to the fairly low position. This is because the ST-2000 has palm rest, rather than that, to reduce the height of the front edge of the keyboard to use the desk surface as arm rest, it was designed along the recommendations of Nakasako teacher of NISSE is one of the features of. ※ The substrate of ST-2000, even an attempt to lower the home stage to the same position as the NISSE, part of the substrate will or impossible becomes below the desk surface. In addition to the background of the recommendations, Nakasako teacher et al., Has been confirmed that the load on the body is reduced when you are able to support the entire forearm than the support of the wrist only, there is that.

Since its launch in NISSE, TRON because Kana type also followed shipped to constant (which is roughly half the pace of the thumb shift type), but I think that than come already After also possibly to people who have migrated from the ST-2000 to the NISSE, To proceed to the reference of your something, and I tried to put together this time in that.

#新キーボード, NISSEとSKELETRON ST-2000


ST-2000で使用しているキースイッチは、Cherry ML [2]に見えます。もう古いものですので潤滑剤が切れてしまっているのでしょうか、スイッチのこすれる感じが非常に強く、手を入れずにこのまま実際に使うのはもう厳しそうです。

沖電気などで作られた本物のTRONキーボード[3]のキーキャップは、明確なステップ・スカルプチャー タイプですが、ST-2000はほぼフラットなステップです。製造するキーキャップの種類を減らしてコストダウンをはかったのだと思うのですが、最上段はどうしても押しにくくなってしまっています。

TRONキーボードもNISSEも、基本的な立体形状は中迫勝先生らのご研究[4]に基づいたもので、さらにNISSEのスイッチの配置はTRONキーボードの研究成果に基づいたものです。それでもキーピッチが違うので並べた時の印象は意外と違うという感じがあるかもしれません; TRON Mサイズのキーピッチは16 mmで、NISSE Mサイズは17.5 mmです。

またすこし気づきにくいですが、NISSEとST-2000で大きく違うのは鍵盤の高さです。ホーム段のところで2台を揃えて横に並べると、NISSEのキーはかなり低い位置に付いていることがわかります。これは、ST-2000にはパームレストがあるから、ということではなくて、キーボードの手前端の高さを低くして机上面をアームレストとして使うように、という中迫先生の提言に沿ってデザインしたNISSEの特徴のひとつです。 ※ ST-2000の基板では、ホーム段をNISSEと同じ位置まで下げようとしても、基板の一部が机上面より下側になってしまい不可能だったりします。また提言の背景には、中迫先生らが、手首のみの支持より前腕全体を支持できている時に体に対する負荷が軽減されることを確かめられている、ということがあります。