Esrille New Keyboard Review

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One cannot cease be amazed by the number of new keyboards coming out since 2010. This keyboard is now available for sale to USA.

Esrille keyboard 80052
Esrille New Keyboard

Esrille New Keyboard is designed by Shiki Okasaka, from his company Esrille.

Esrille home page is

The design of Esrille New Keyboard is much influenced by Japan's M-Type keyboard and TRON keyboard.

Total Key Count

Esrille New Keyboard total key count: 76.

Each side has 38 keys. 6 are function keys, 6 are thumb keys.

Esrille New Keyboard Layouts

By default, the Esrille supports 3 English layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak. 〔►see Alternative Keyboard Layouts

Esrille New Keyboard layout dvorak-2
Esrille New Keyboard layout Dvorak
Esrille New Keyboard layout fn layer-2
Esrille New Keyboard layout fn layer

Japanese Input Layout M-type, TRON, Stickney Next, JIS Standard

Esrille also supports several Japanese input layouts, including M-type and TRON.

The M-type and TRON are interesting, because they are efficiency based, similar to the design principle of Dvorak, but for inputting Japanese. 〔►see Alternative Keyboard Layouts

M-type is designed mostly for using English alphabets to type Japanese.

TRON is typing Japanese phonetic alphabets directly.

NEC keyboard pk-kb015 2
Japan M-Type keyboard

TRON keyboards

Size Comparison

Ergonomic Keyboards Size Comparison

Comparison and Alternatives

Esrille is among the many new keyboards invented after 2010. They have one feature in common: symmetric, many thumb keys, and mechanical keys.

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard vs Esrille New Keyboard 2015
Truly Ergonomic Keyboard vs Esrille New Keyboard. 〔image source

Here's a review by jbm.

I have an Esrille NISSE and love it. I've been using it full time (6-10 hours a day, 5-6 days a week) since .

Side note: I believe I was actually the first person in the US to order one. It was before they were able to ship assembled boards internationally, so I ordered it as a kit and assembled it myself. I forget where I first saw it — maybe Xah Lee's blog - but the design was immediately appealing to me.

The other ergo boards I've used extensively are the Ergodox and Truly Ergonomic Keyboard. I like them all but the Esrille has been the best fit by a wide margin.

The things I like about all three are:

What I like about the Esrille above the other two:

Subjectively, I can tell you the Esrille is definitely the most comfortable for me. I used to experience some level of discomfort 1-3 out of most weeks, despite fairly good technique, regular exercise, breaks every couple hours, etc. I honestly don't remember the last time I experienced any discomfort typing since switching to the Esrille.

This is less important, since it's something you can always change, but I'll also mention that I've been very happy with the default layout on the Esrille, including the function layer. I fully expected to reconfigure things, just because I usually would, but in practice there hasn't been anything I've wanted to mess with.

As I'm sure you can tell, I'm a big fan, and would be very comfortable recommending it :)

Let me know if you have any questions about it — I'll be happy to answer any I can.


Kinesis model 01
Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard-207
Truly Ergonomic
utron keyboard 02