VE.A Keyboard

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The VE.A keyboard is a nice and expensive home made keyboard. It came out around 2017.

ve.a keyboard 59g42-s1401x578
4032×1665 VE.A keyboard, with custom keycaps. [image source reddit ]

Total keys: 96.

Left side:

total left side keys: 47

right side:

total right side keys: 49

paw 3d keycap 62445-s333x188
Keycap Gallery



• Mechanical keys. Available in Cherry MX choices or gateron switch.

[see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

• Split. 2 spacebars. You can program one of them to some other key.

• Fully programmable keys.

• Full F1 to F12 function keys.

• 10 extra programmable keys on left edge.


• Wrist pad, and tenting base, optional.


Casing and other spec:

Where to Buy

as of 2020-03-23


If this is about $250, and pre-assembled, then i think it's a great keyboard.

VE.A's got 10 extra macro keys, and driverless key programing. Those are killer features. Plus, full F1 to F12 function keys, and arrow keys etc. And split space bar, and many thumb keys.

But at $450, plus you have to assemble it yourself, then it's not worth it. Lots other keyboards have better value/price ratio.

See: Xah Lee's Best Ergonomic Keyboards

and buy a good programable keypad for $80. that gets you dedicated arrow keys and function keys.

[see Programable Keypads]

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