Adesso Trackball iMouse T40

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Adesso Wireless Trackball iMouse T40, came out in 2018.

Adesso trackball T40 qT7d-s1200
Adesso Trackball T40 2268×2268 [2022-05-19 image source]

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Adesso iMouse T40 - Wireless Programmable Ergonomic Trackball Mouse

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Ball Size

Ball diameter: 40 mm

Adesso Trackballs T50 T40 T30

adesso trackball t50 t40 t30 Hqpb-s1300
left to right: • T50T40 • T30 4032×2268 [2022-05-19 image source]
adesso trackball t50 t40 t30 7yzt-s1300
bottom to top: • T50T40 • T30 2865×3820 [2022-05-19 image source]

Adesso Trackball

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