Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement

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Where to Buy Replacement Balls?

Logitech M570 trackball replacement ball (34 mm). Buy at amazon

trackball ball 34mm
trackball ball 34mm Buy at amazon
Logitech Trackman Marble replacement ball-s
40 mm balls for trackball

K9 Crystal Balls

longwin 40mm crystal ball 04197
Buy longwin 40mm crystal ball

“K9 crystal” is a type of high-tech glass. Light weight, and good optical property (example: no bubbles inside).

Note: it may not track well. I have not tried.

longwin 50mm crystal ball 89352
50mm ball. Buy longwin 50mm crystal ball

This is designed for trackball, but very expensive.

electric ice rgb trackball
Translucent ball, designed for LED modification. (So color lights makes the ball glow evenly. Not transparent balls.)

Billiard Balls

british snooker balls 59216
British snooker ball set. (2 1/16 inches and 2 1/8 inches) You want the 2 1/8 ones for 55mm ball. Snooker Ball
pool table balls
American-style pool table balls. 57.15 mm (2 1/4 inches) billiard balls

Crystal/Quartz Balls

Few things to be aware:

  1. Heavy ball may wear down the ceramic bearings in the trackball socket.
  2. Clear glass or polished surface may not track well.
  3. The advertised size is often inaccurate. Check buyer comments.
  4. May not be perfectly round.
rose quartz 1.25 inch sphere ball-s
Size ~35 mm to 40 mm. Buy at amazon
purple crystal ball 40mm 24581
40mm Asian Rare Natural Quartz Magic Crystal Healing Ball Sphere Purple Buy at amazon
Kensington Orbit Trackball scroll ring quartz ball-s
Lighting effect with a quartz ball, more beatiful than can be captured by a photo. [image source reddit ]
Kensington Orbit Trackball scroll ring ball 64446-s
ball of Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring
quartz ball 68851-s
quartz ball.

Large Marbles

marble size chart 70321 jff
[image source ]

Some large marbles will work for smaller trackballs.

Note that marbles may not come in exact size, may not be perfectly round, may have scars.

• 35mm marble Buy at amazon

• 42 mm marbles. Buy at amazon

• 42 mm marble Buy at amazon

• Jumbo 2 inche (~50mm) marbles but actually ~44.45mm. Buy at amazon

on amazon, search for “big marbles” big marbles

Inche to Millimeter Conversion Table

3 Inch Translucent Ball

RetroArcade translucent ball qwtwq-s590x512 ra-tb-ball-3-clear Replacement trackball Ball 3 inch Clear Translucent Buy at amazon

Trackball Physical Sizes Comparison

trackballs 2017-08 89b67-s333x188
Trackball Sizes Comparison

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Ball Sizes

Kensington Orbit wireless trackball-s311x201
Kensington Orbit Wireless

32 mm

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 2-s250x250
Logitech M570 Wireless

34 mm
elecom wireless trackball mouse M XT3DR 01
Elecom EX-G

34 mm
Elecom wireless trackball 1
Elecom DEFT

34 mm

Kensington Orbit trackball 6wnfg-s277x226
Kensington Orbit

40 mm
Kensington Orbit Trackball scroll ring
Kensington Orbit + Scroll Ring

40 mm
Logitech Trackman Marble angle-view-s250x250
Logitech Trackman Marble

40 mm

ITAC Mouse-Trak Evolution r2nfg-s216x289
ITAC Mouse-Trak

50.8 mm

Elecom HUGE Trackball bq2x6 s244x256
Elecom HUGE

52 mm

Sanwa opt trackball pro-s247x253
Sanwa Trackball MA-TB38BK

55 mm
Kensington Expert Mouse trackball wireless 53042-s262x239
Kensington Expert Mouse

55 mm
Kensington Slimblade trackball 78432

55 mm


57.15 mm