Butter Stick Programable Keypad

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Butter Stick is a programable keypad, created by Jane Bernhardt. This came out around 2019.

butter stick dxz2x-s931x687
Butter Stick

The great thing about Butter Stick is that it uses the powerful open source QMK software. So you can really design great macros.

The bad thing about Butter Stick is that there's no grouping gaps between keys, so it would be hard to use the middle section keys without visual contact.

butter stick 20191002-s627x1291
Butter Stick battle station 1960×4032

Program The Butter Stick

The Butter Stick uses the QMK software to program the firmware.

see https://config.qmk.fm/#/butterstick/LAYOUT_butter

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QMK Configurator Tutorial

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