CEC 1 Keyboard, China (1986)

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cec 1 keyboard china 3e572
cec 1 keyboard china 3e572 [image source twitter hydracide]

由电子工业部计算机与信息局组织,清华大学主持联合设计,有电子部六所、国营734厂、陕西省计算机厂以及华明计算机有限公司参加研制,1986年投产。是Apple iie标准版的增强型

from 1986. Made by collaboration of Tsinghua University (清华大学) and others government research org and corporations of China.

cpu seems to be 6502.

it's modeled after AppleIIe extended.

Apple IIe w monitor 5b7bd-s217x289
Apple IIe, 1983

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