Chinese Character Drum Keyboard

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chinese drum keyboard guy play drum 48089
Chinese character drum keyboard.
chinese drum keyboard 69558
Chinese character drum keyboard.

that's from Google Japan, April Fools.

〔image source, 2010年4月1日木曜日〕

chinese drum keyboard big 03892
These characters are not frequently used.

To Chinese or Japanese, th keyboard is more silly than funny.

To westerners, it's shocking and funny, because the immediate realization of the thousands of characters that's not an alphabet.

one look at all those chars on the keyboard, one knows it's fake, as they are like random chars from dict, most not commonly used.

You need about 3k characters for understanding newspaper or book.

chinese drum keyboard smilies 19414
Japanese smilies. [see Unicode Smilies (◔ ◡ ◔)]
chinese drum keyboard guy play drum 33040
chinese drum keyboard guy play drum 46537
keyboard idea1 keyboard idea2

[see Chinese Input Methods]

[see Japanese Keyboard Layouts]

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