CM MasterKeys Pro Series Keyboards

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Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro series, came out in 2016 and 2017.

It's designed for gamers.

CM MasterKeys Pro L 40060
CM MasterKeys Pro L Buy at amazon

Several models.

CM MasterKeys Pro M 761be
CM MasterKeys Pro M Buy at amazon
CM MasterKeys Pro L 71c99
CM MasterKeys Pro S Buy at amazon

All available in CHERRY MX red/brown/blue key switches.

Major features:

CM MasterKeys Pro comparison 3ed6a
CM MasterKeys Pro comparison 3ed6a

This one, features driverless programing of the keys. As far as i know, it's first made by pop brand. Of pop brands, never buy razer, corsair. They force cloud. The keyboard may not even work in linux.

[see How Razer Keyboards Suck]

Of pop brands, only Logitech is good.

driverless programing keyboard is now common. It automatically means onboard memory. Plug in any computer any OS and your key/macros works as you programmed it. No need 2 mess with xmodmap karabinder autohotkey etc,which r annoying and doesn't work 100% of time.

There are still a lot people buying Happy Hacking Keyboard or Leopold / Realforce [see Topre Switch] they have no onboard memory, not programable. Foolish.