CM MasterKeys Pro Series Keyboards

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro series, came out in 2016 and 2017.

It's designed for gamers.

CM MasterKeys Pro L 40060
CM MasterKeys Pro L Buy at amazon

Several models.

CM MasterKeys Pro M 761be
CM MasterKeys Pro M Buy at amazon
CM MasterKeys Pro L 71c99
CM MasterKeys Pro S Buy at amazon

All available in CHERRY MX red/brown/blue key switches.

Major features:

CM MasterKeys Pro comparison 3ed6a
CM MasterKeys Pro comparison 3ed6a

This one, features driverless programing of the keys. As far as i know, it's first made by pop brand. Of pop brands, never buy razer, corsair. They force cloud. The keyboard may not even work in linux.

Of pop brands, only Logitech is good.

driverless programing keyboard is now common. It automatically means onboard memory. Plug in any computer any OS and your key/macros works as you programmed it. No need 2 mess with xmodmap karabinder autohotkey etc,which r annoying&doesn't work 100% of time.

There are still a lot people buying Happy Hacking Keyboard or Leopold / Realforce [see List of Keyboards with Topre Switch] they have no onboard memory, not programable. Foolish.

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