Diverge 3 Keyboard

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diverge 3 keyboard 15717 s
Diverge 3 keyboard 4603×2475 [image source reddit ]

Total key count: 72.

diverge 3 keyboard 10957 s
Diverge 3 keyboard 5184×3456 [image source reddit ]
diverge keyboard 23407
• Diverge keyboard. • L-Trac Trackball [image source reddit ]

Thumb Cluster, Compared to Ergodox

Diverge is a attempt to improve on the ergodox.

Compare the thumb keys to ergodox, Diverge 3's thumb is closer to center of hand.

ergodox infinity keyboard 25150
ergodox infinity keyboard. [image source reddit, by MassdropAlex]

[see Ergodox Keyboard Review]

You might think just half key width doesn't matter. Actually, one may cripple your thumb if you use it for a year. Which one, depends on your hand size.

For people who have Asian sized hands, the ergodox thumb keys requires stretch.

diverge and ergodox keyboard 06470
Early version of Diverge on the left, ergodox on the right. [image source https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=65719.msg1574461#msg1574461, by hoggy, 2014-12-28]

Thumb key position:

[see Ergodox Keyboard Thumb Keys Pain]

However, the Diverge has 4 less keys. This means, you have to use key combinations to activate some of the standard keys.

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