Diverge 3 Keyboard

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diverge 3 keyboard 15717 s
Diverge 3 keyboard 4603×2475 [image source reddit ]

Total Key Count

Total key count: 72.

Each side has 36 keys, counting 3 thumb keys.

diverge 3 keyboard 10957 s
Diverge 3 keyboard 5184×3456 [image source reddit ]
diverge keyboard 23407
• Diverge keyboard. • L-Trac Trackball [image source reddit ]

Thumb Cluster, Compared to Ergodox

Diverge is a attempt to improve on the ergodox.

Compare the thumb keys to ergodox, Diverge 3's thumb is closer to home.

ergodox infinity keyboard 25150
ergodox infinity keyboard. [image source reddit, by MassdropAlex]

[see Ergodox Keyboard Review]

For people who have Asian sized hands, the ergodox thumb keys requires stretch.

diverge and ergodox keyboard 06470
Early version of Diverge on the left, ergodox on the right. [image source https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=65719.msg1574461#msg1574461, by hoggy, 2014-12-28]

Thumb key position:

[see Ergodox Keyboard Thumb Keys Pain]

However, the Diverge has 4 less keys. This means, you have to use key combinations to activate some of the standard keys.

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