L-Trac Trackball

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L-Trac (Microspeed)

L-Trac first appeared on Amazon in 2009-09. But i think was rebranded from Microspeed PC-Trac trackball, 1991

This is the highest quality trackball. Large ball, super smooth scroll wheel (with actual mechanical rollers as contact), 3 buttons.

This trackball was made by CST (Clearly Superior Technologies, Inc). Around 2019-08, the company sold it to X-Keys, citing retirement.

xkeys ltrac trackball X5qqC-s1200
Xkeys Ltrac trackball [image source [2021-04-28 https://twitter.com/nekotrackball/ ]]

L-trac CST2545-5W Trackball (black ball version) Buy at amazon

CST L-Trac trackball spin test

CST L-Trac trackball spin (this is an older model with flat side cylindrical roller) Video by George (~2022).

Blue Glow Ball

The blue LED backlit ball model came out around .

l-trac trackball 2021-03-12
L-Trac trackball (photo by Andrew 2021-03-11)

L-Trac trackball blue glow Buy at amazon

l-trac trackball 2021-03-12 6csbh
L-Trac trackball (photo by Andrew 2021-03-11)
ltrac trackball j3vcr
(photo by Andrew 2021-03-11)

Ball Size

Ball diameter: 57 mm.

Red Glow Ball

The red glow ball model came out 2015-05.

CST l trac red trackball-s400
Buy at amazon

Work in Linux?

Yes. Plug and play.

You can remap mouse buttons in Linux using xinput. [see Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons]

Extra Buttons

Two headphone plug holes in the back for adding 2 extra buttons.

You can buy one with buttons attached.

CST2545-5W trackball with extra buttons 49447
Buy at amazon

Photo Gallery

hhkb cst ltrac YQNWJ-s900
Happy Hacking KeyboardL-Trac Trackball with emacs logo. 4032×2534 [photo from https://www.gnuisnotunix.com/trackball/ ]
dt225 trackball led mod 43662
L-Trac Trackball modified with 2 external mechanical switch buttons
• modified SpaceNavigator 3D Mouse with IBM Selectric Typeball.
• right, a modified DT225 with LED light.
[image source imgur, by Ripster, 2015-07-09]

[see Trackball Size Comparison]


This trackball has mechanical rollers as ball contact. That means, it can last long. Most other trackball use a fixed ceramic material that may wear out due to friction.

CST L-Trac Redesigned Rollers
Aug 1, 2016
cst l-trac trackball ball roller 11439-s1200
bar roller is used for heavier and larger trackball balls, so it's more smooth to roll, and contact does not wear down. Pictured is a older model. 5326×2996 [image source geekhack]

X-Keys Trackball

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