L-Trac Trackball

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This is the highest quality trackball. Large ball, super smooth scroll wheel (with actual mechanical rollers as contact), 3 buttons.

This trackball is made by CST (Clearly Superior Technologies, Inc). Around 2019-08, the company sold it to X-Keys.

Blue Glow Ball

The blue LED backlit ball model came out around .

CST glow trackball 66610
X-Keys Trackball
Reviewing Clearly Superior Trackball Mouse : Made in the USA Jul 6, 2014
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Opaque Black Ball

This is first available at Amazon .

CST 2545 5W trackball 19924
L-trac Laser Trackball X-Keys Trackball

Main features:

Red Glow Ball

The red glow ball model came out 2015 May.

CST l trac red trackball
Buy CST l-trac red trackball
  1. Width 3.75 inch (9.5cm), Length 6.75 inch (17.1cm), Height 1.75 inch (5cm) / Ball Size: 2.25 inch
  2. Three LED's illuminate the ball a vibrant red
  3. Resolution: User selectable 400, 800, or 1600 counts per inch
  4. LED lights will automatically Turn Off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  5. Buttons: 3 (programmable) + 2 switch jacks (programmable) which allows users to plug in two external buttons (Sold Seperatly - CST S-Button External Switch) for a maximum of 5 buttons

Work in Linux?

Yes. Plug and play.

You can remap mouse buttons in Linux using xinput. [see Linux: How to Swap Mouse Buttons]

Extra Buttons

Two headphone plug holes in the back for adding 2 extra buttons.

You can buy one with buttons attached.

CST2545-5W trackball with extra buttons 49447
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Slimblade vs L-Trac Trackball

Slimblade vs L-Trac Trackball

Size Comparison

cst l trac trackball 153ff s1386x1039
3968×2976 [image source reddit]
cst l trac trackball 99873 s
4032×3024 [image source reddit]
dt225 trackball led mod 43662
• left, L-Trac Trackball
• middle, modified SpaceNavigator 3d Mouse with Selectric Typeball
• right, a modified DT225 with LED light.
[image source imgur, by Ripster, 2015-07-09]
trackball slimblade dt225 ltrac 80624
SlimbladeDT225L-Trac [image source imgur ]

[see Trackball Size Comparison]


This trackball has mechanical rollers as ball contact. That means, it can last long. Almost all other trackballs, do not have bearing or roller. The ball contact is some sort of ceramic material. So, after heavy use for a year, it rubs out, and has more friction.

CST L-Trac Redesigned Rollers
cst l trac trackball ball roller 11439
bar roller is used for heavier and larger trackball balls, so it's more smooth to roll, and contact does not wear down. Pictured is a older model. [image source geekhack]

X-Keys Trackball

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