EPOMAKER Feker Alice80 keyboard

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EPOMAKER Feker Alice80 keyboard

Discovered this. Alice layout, commercially made. It came out in July 29, 2022

as of 2024-01-31, it seems dead. new version is EPOMAKER CIDOO ABM066 Alice Keyboard

EPOMAKER Feker Alice80 keyboard NwGN8
EPOMAKER Feker Alice80 keyboard

Always hated alice layout, thinking they not make any sense. But looking at this one, i think it's great.

This one actually reduced a lot stagger, almost like grid layout now. So it's fantastic. Plus it has physical arrows, and page up/down. Plus, a wheel! Very nice for sound level. And, that extra thumb key. Fantastic. And commercially made. Not the diy crap costing $300 plus unreliable quality. So, this alice one, changed my mind about alice layout.

this is made by Epomaker, same company that created the Epomaker Niz Plum Keyboard

Marketing Blurb (as of 2023-01-30)

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