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FN key is a dead horse squatting in your front yard.

Logitech fn key s6JvB
Logitech fn key, on Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard Buy at amazon

When you buy a keyboard, never get one that has Fn key in place of ▤ Menu key. Because, the Fn key is hardwired, you cannot remap in Operating System. If you don't like its preset multimedia functions, it becomes a useless key on one of the most useful spot.

History of the FN Key on Laptops

I think the FN key originally began on laptop keyboards. [see Laptop Keyboards]

At least as early as the ThinkPad 360PE keyboard, year 1994.

thinkpad 360PE keyboard 42810-s250

It also appeared on Apple iBook G4 Snow keyboard (year 2003). [see Apple Laptop Keyboards]

The Fn key is created as a modifier key to control sound level up/down, or screen brightness.

History of the FN Key on External Keyboards

I think it's logitech that popularized the FN key on external keyboards , beginning around 2009.

This serves 2 purposes for them.

[see Logitech Non-Gaming Keyboards]

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