KEMOVE DK61 Snowfox/Shadow Keyboard

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KEMOVE DK61 came out around 2022-08.

Most excellent, highest quality, feature rich keyboard!

KEMOVE DK61 202203 157
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Salient features:

The one i have is Gateron Red Switch (linear). (Gateron Red Switch is lighter than Cherry MX Silent Red, but slightly louder.)

kemove dk61 kbd 20220916 9GZfd
kemove dk61 kbd 20220916 9GZfd
kemove dk61 2022-03-16 BBQ3y-s900

Video Review

Xah Talk Show 2022-03-13 KEMOVE DK61 Keyboard review, Emacs Lisp live coding xah-js-eval-line

RGB Backlight

The lights are even.

kemove dk61 202203 403-s600 KEMOVE DK61 2022-03-15 rainbow
colorful lights

Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

KEMOVE DK61 Keyboard 2022-03-15 5BsKx KEMOVE DK61 2022-03-15 p4Cwr
closeup of keycaps
kemove dk61 202203 475
Double-layer keytray design.

I've never seen this “Double-layer splicing design” before. Its wonderful. You can see the quality.

kemove dk61 202203 cable Pz2vC
1.5 meters (60 inches) detachable braided USB-C cable to USB-A cable. (the USB-C side connects to keyboard) The USB-A plug is symmetric. It solves the problem of plugging in the wrong side.
kemove dk61 202203 leg
Collapsible 8.5° rubber feet

key switch

gateron key switches 202203
extra Gateron key switches
kemove dk61 202203 446
Comes with a keycap puller, a switch puller, and 3 extra Gateron mechanical switches (white, yellow, green). The manual are in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese.


kemove dk61 202203 483
kemove dk61 202203 252
box, back side

Fn key

apparently, there's a QMK software for Kemove keyboard, at

kemove kbd qmk 2022-04-27
kemove kbd qmk 2022-04-27

Where to Buy

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Driver Software Manual

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