KEMOVE DK61 Snowfox Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

KEMOVE DK61 came out around 2022-08.

Most excellent, highest quality, feature rich keyboard.

KEMOVE DK61 202203 157
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Manufacture's Marketing Blurb

Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth 5.1, connect to 3 devices. Use as Wireless or plugin/charge as wired.

Switching Bluetooth Device

I had no problem using the bluetooth.

Video Review

Xah Talk Show 2022-03-13 KEMOVE DK61 Keyboard review, Emacs Lisp live coding xah-js-eval-line

RGB Backlight

kemove dk61 202203 403-s600 KEMOVE DK61 2022-03-15 rainbow
colorful backlight


3000mAh Battery (For comparison, iPhone 12 (year 2020) battery size is 2,815 mAh ).

i use about 3 hours per day, backlight off, and charge every 4 months for maybe 20 minutes.

Key Switches

Hot Swappable Gateron Switches, replaceable with 95% of the 3-Pin/5-Pin mechanical switches.

The one i have is Gateron Red Switch (linear). (Gateron Red Switch is lighter than Cherry MX Silent Red, but slightly louder.)

i have not tried to swap the switches.

gateron key switches 202203
extra Gateron key switches

Double-Shot PBT Keycaps

PBT double-shot keycaps. Cherry MX compatible stem.

KEMOVE DK61 Keyboard 2022-03-15 5BsKx KEMOVE DK61 2022-03-15 p4Cwr
closeup of keycaps

Double-Layer Keytray

kemove dk61 202203 475
Double-layer keytray design.

I've never seen this โ€œDouble-layer splicing designโ€ before. I don't know what is the advantage for this, but it feels solid and robust.

USB Cable

kemove dk61 202203 cable Pz2vC
1.5 meters detachable braided USB-C cable to USB-A cable.


kemove dk61 202203 leg
Collapsible rubber feet

Fn key

Photo Gallery

kemove dk61 kbd 20220916 9GZfd
kemove dk61 kbd 20220916 9GZfd
kemove dk61 2022-03-16 BBQ3y-s900

What is in the Box

kemove dk61 202203 446

Comes with:


kemove dk61 202203 483
kemove dk61 202203 252
box, back side

QMK Software

apparently, there's a QMK software for Kemove keyboard, at

kemove kbd qmk 2022-04-27
kemove kbd qmk 2022-04-27


Where to Buy

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