Georgi Keyboard for Steno

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Georgi Keyboard only has 15 keys per hand, 30 keys total. It is designed to be used for Steno. [see Stenotype Machine] Georgi Keyboard is created by Jane Bernhardt, around 2019.

georgi keyboard fj4y2
Georgi keyboard. 30 keys total. 15 each hand

Normal mechanical key switch has a activation force about 50g. The Georgi keyboard uses a switch that has a activation force only 12g. So, it is super light.

georgi keyboard 5rxcp
Georgi keyboard. 30 keys total. 15 per hand

You can also use Georgi as a normal keyboard, but due to the few keys, you need to use lots chord.

Georgi a economic, low profile rework of Gergo made for Steno. Fully assembled and ready to go!

Comes with 10g ultralight springs installed, Kailh Choc Linears and black keycaps on a blue PCB. Just plug and steno! The Left half can be used without the right if you want a pocketable macropad!

Georgi uses QMK to power itself and comes preloaded with a firmware supporting TX-Bolt and GeminiPR. This makes modifying your layout extremely easy!

In addition, Georgi acts as a full regular QWERTY board!

The board is similar in thickness to the Gergo with black caps, the keys are also tighter. You can view the documentation over at:

Note: this does not include a TRRS cable or MiniUSB! Either pick one up locally or add it to your cart from the store! If a case is added to your order it will be installed ☺

georgi keyboard 2020-04-07 psxrd-s1600x900
4032×2268 Photo by Emily. [see happy hacking emily lisp server]

Where to Buy

georgi keyboard 20191018 33r3q
georgi keyboard stack 2019

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