happy hacking emily lisp server

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hhkb emily desktop phj86-s1467x825
hhkb emily setup g7fd5-s924x693

So on the workstation (left) I run Firefox and terminal and stuff - this is the machine that has all my monitors and keyboards plugged into. On the server (right) I run my Emacs server. I then forward X over ssh to run Emacs on my machine with all the screens. This way Firefox doesn't take up cpu and ram and I can restart it is something goes funky without losing my Emacs sessions. And finally I have the UCS supercomputer that I use tramp with to remotely edit files on.

So I interact with Emacs on one machine, run it on a seperate one, and edit files on a third

—emily, 2019-11-05

emily spectrum analyser 4b9b6-s1333x750
4032×2268 “spectrum analyser for my radio stuff”

Happy Hacking Keyboard with Custom Firmware

hhkb emily 4p8fz-s1333x750
emily hhkb, with custom keycaps, custom layout, and custom firmware. 4032×2268

I've programmed the hhkb with my own keyboard layout that I've been evolving over the past few years. And on the filco I have it send f13-f24 keys.. I have 3 screens, and 3 desktops on each consisting of emacs, Firefox and terminal. So I have a 3x3 section dedicated to switching monitor focus and changing the desktop. So pressing '1' will switch to Emacs running on my left monitor. I then have keys for full screen, kill etc...

emily keyboard layout fxh5y
Emily keyboard layout fxh5y

Emily Keyboard Layout History


Hasu Controller for HHKB


Hasu USB to USB Converter

This allows you to program any USB device.

hasu usb to usb converter 8fsx9-s675x1200
hasu usb to usb converter 2268×4032 “It allows me to run qmk/tmk firmware on them. So I have my own layouts and stuff etc. ”

hasu usb to usb converter https://www.1upkeyboards.com/shop/controllers/usb-to-usb-converter/

96 CPU Core Server

hhkb emily htop 96 cpu pk2ws-s1067x600

Steel Bank Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp

hhkb emily sbcl lisp d5dt9-s1138x712

Compiler Dragon Book

hhkb emily compiler dragon book 7vh74-s1067x600

Nerd Battle Stations

  1. battlestation matrix hwf9p-s289x217
    Nerd Battlestations
  2. hhkb emily 4p8fz-s333x188
    happy hacking emily lisp server
  3. xah keyboard station 20170917 34454-s333x187
    Xah Keyboards 2017-09

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