Gergo Keyboard

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Gergo is a Do It Yourself keyboard, came out in 2019. Created by Jane Bernhardt.

gergo keyboard 20200121 zgxyd
gergo keyboard
50 keys total.

Key Switch

Gergo by default use Kailh Choc Switch.

kailh choc switch 7n3wg-s250
Kailh Choc Switch

Typing Demo on Gergo 12g

Typing on Gergo, by the creator, using super light 12g switches
Apr 15, 2020
Xah Talk Show 2020-07-18 gergo keyboard review, and keyboard geeking
Streamed live on Jul 18, 2020
Xah Lee

Gergo Heavy

Gergo Heavy is Gergo with a nice heavy bottom case.

gergo heavy 2020-04-16 5qzh2-s1123x570
2976×1511 Gergo Heavy, middle

Default Layout

gergo default layout L0 2020-06-21 8kp2x
Layer 0
gergo default layout L1 2020-06-21 m9j58
Layer 1, symbols
gergo default layout L2 2020-06-21 9hvmx
Layer 2, numbers and other

How to Configure Gergo Keyboard

qmk logo 2020-06-24 w584q
QMK Configurator Tutorial

Problem of Gergo Keyboard

No tactile homing bump on the F J keys keycap plus flat top keycaps means, often i misposition my fingers on the wrong row or column.

The no case is also problem. For example, putting it in bag, using it while lying in bed with a tablet. The bare PCB with eletronics in the back hitches clothing, and the exposed USB connectors are prone to damage.

Also the 50g keys are too heavy for me. If you buy gergo, i recommend 40g keys or lighter.

When you buy a Gergo, make sure you get curved top keycaps, two tacticle bump keycaps, 40g or lighter spring, and get a case.

Xah Gergo Layout

gergo xah fly keys layout L0 2020-06-27 sjfb2-s250
Xah Gergo Layout

Where to Buy

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.