Gergo Keyboard

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Gergo is a Do It Yourself keyboard, came out in 2019. Created by Jeremy Bernhardt.

gergo keyboard 20200121 zgxyd
gergo keyboard
50 keys total.

Typing Demo on Gergo 12g

Typing on Gergo, by the creator, using super light 12g switches
Apr 15, 2020

Gergo Heavy

Gergo Heavy is Gergo with a nice heavy bottom case.

gergo heavy 2020-04-16 5qzh2-s1123x570
2976×1511 Gergo Heavy, middle

Default Layout

gergo default layout L0 2020-06-21 8kp2x
Layer 0
gergo default layout L1 2020-06-21 m9j58
Layer 1, symbols
gergo default layout L2 2020-06-21 9hvmx
Layer 2, numbers and other

How to Configure Gergo Keyboard

qmk logo 2020-06-24 w584q
QMK Configurator Tutorial

Problem of Gergo Keyboard

One problem with gergo is that there's tactile homing tits on the F J keys keycap. Also, the choc switches has flat top keycaps. So, its been a pain to find finger position.

Also, the no case is a annoying problem. For example, putting it in bag, or typing on bed. The bare PCB with eletronics in the back hitches clothing, and the exposed USB connectors are prone to damage. (there are gergo case design you can 3D print. Also, there are version of gergo with case you can buy.)

Both of these problems can be easily solved.

Another thing is, the 50g keys are too heavy for me. If you buy gergo, i recommend 40g keys or lighter.

Designing a Layout for Gergo

Gergo is a unique keyboard. To design a layout for it, we take advantage of unique gergo keyboard properties. The outer side keys, are easy keys. And the thumb keys, are easy keys.

Ranking of Thumb Keys Ease

For thumb keys, there is the question of which are most easy to press. This depends on your hand size. In order to come up with optimal layout, we need to know which of the thumb keys are easier to press. Let's look at the left hand keypad for example. There are two smaller thumb keys let's call them s1 s2, from left to right, and two vertical ones, call them v1 v2, from left to right. The most easy thumb key may be the right small key, or, the left vertical key.

So, there are two options in layout. If you have smaller hands, then assume the s2 is the most easy thumb key. If larger handes, we assumes the v1 is most easy thumb key.

Xah Fly Keys Layout

Emacs: Xah Fly Keys layout, id x1v2, for gergo keyboard, 2020-06-27.

gergo xah fly keys layout L0 2020-06-27 sjfb2
gergo xah fly keys layout L1 2020-06-27 jhvx6 crop
gergo xah fly keys layout L2 2020-06-27 4fb54


Layout file: gergo_layout_xah_lee_x1v2_zx8pg.json

Xah Layout n1

This is the first layout i created with gergo. Created on 2020-06-22. I was trying to quickly come up with a dvorak layout, so i can actually use gergo. I did not know the qmk features much, nor familiar with gergo yet.

This design is more close to traditional layout, but is not close to optimal, and does not take unique advantage of the physical gergo keyboard nor the qmk abilities.

gergo xah n1 layout L0 2020-06-22 fk3v2
xah n1 layout, L0
gergo xah n1 layout L1 2020-06-22 8nq75
xah n1 layout, L1
gergo xah n1 layout L2 2020-06-22 d7dqv
xah n1 layout, L2

Layout file: gergo_layout_xah_lee_n1_2020-06-23_g5smk.json

Where to Buy

If you have a question, put $5 at patreon and message me.