Helix Keyboard

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This, do-it-yourself keyboard, called “Helix”, is becoming popular in Japan keyboard community.

helix keyboard 450b1
helix keyboard [image source [ 2018-05-06 https://twitter.com/yohewi/status/993037618551013376 ]]

Total keys: 64. 32 per hand.

helix keyboard display wtgsr
The keyboard has a little display [image source [ 2018-05-06 https://twitter.com/yohewi/status/993037618551013376 ]]
helix keyboard 9b24r-s600
helix keyboard 1853×646 This one, uses a new layout called “Eucalyn”. The first 3 letters on the home row from left, A O E, is same as Dvorak Keyboard Layout
helix ghost in the shell bot 04bys
Ghost in the Shell (攻殻機動隊) AI Bot Tachikoma (タチコマ). [image source [ 2018-04-17 https://twitter.com/metalstump/status/986108747436011521 ] 2018-04-16]
helix keyboard ghost shell fcd45
AI Bot Tachikoma Tachikoma

See also: Ghost in the Shell 攻殻機動隊

How to Build

[2018-04-18 https://github.com/MakotoKurauchi/helix ]


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