Huion H640P Drawing Tablet

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Huion H640P drawing tablet 20190201 wkwct-s
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The keyboard is Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard, mouse is Logitech G502 Mouse

Fantastic in Microsoft Windows

On Microsoft Windows, it just works great. No driver software needed. You can use it to completely replace the mouse. When you swipe up/down with the pen on a web page, it scrolls, like finger on touch screen.

Bad on MacOS

On the Mac, you need to install driver software so that the buttons on the pen works. Without driver, the pointer works, but no click whatsoever, so it is useless. The driver software is not great. Also, Mac does not support using the pen tablet as a mouse. So, you use the tablet only for notes and drawing. If you use it as mouse, there no scroll. You need to drag the scroll bar, very painful.

Huion H640P Driver Software

The software for Microsoft Windows is great, as of 2021-07-11. (macOS version also available, but sucks when i used it in 2019.)

The pen buttons can be customized.

By default, the lower button does e, the upper button does mouse right click.

Huion H640P driver 2021-07-11 FdCMm
Huion H640P driver software 2021-07-11

The 6 buttons on the pad can be customized.

Huion H640P driver 2021-07-11 qsdGn
Huion H640P driver software 2021-07-11

by default, they are:

Huion H640P pressure sensitivity 202107
Huion H640P pressure sensitivity

Huion H640P H950P Manual


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