Logitech G502 Mouse

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Logitech G502 Proteus came out on 2014-04. In 2016-01, a Proteus Spectrum RGB update came out, added rainbow color lighting. In 2018-08, a HERO update came out, upgraded sensor.

logitech g502 spectrum rgb mouse 94186
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logitech g502 201811 092-3
Logitech G502 Spectrum RGB 201811


Excellent reviews on amazon.

Spin Wheel

logitech g502 201811 spin wheel 317.mp4

Spin wheel is the most wonderful feature, especially in Linux.

[see Logitech Mouse with Spin Wheel]


121 grams (not counting cable nor extra weight)

[see Mouse Weight Comparison]


Logitech's software is always superb. One software, and it drives all logitech's gaming devices.

logitech g502 mouse software
Logitech Gaming Software

Available for Microsoft Windows and Mac.

You program the keys once, and they are set into the mouse's memory. You can then plug it in linux or any other machine, and your customized buttons work as you programed.

Photo Gallery

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Xah desktop 201811 • Logitech M570 Wireless TrackballKinesis Advantage2 KeyboardTruly Ergonomic Numeric KeypadLogitech G502 Mouse

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