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the Microsoft Surface Pro introduced me to pen computing. i think am getting a pen for my Mac too.

for under $100, apparently, wacom is still the best, according to 1 review site. Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet 7.9x6.3 inch active area.

i don't trust wacom. Like many successful name brands, when big, they tend to be bloated. There seems to be a lot negative reviews too.

here's a better pen tablet.

Huion Inspiroy H640P drawing tablet a5fc0-s700x700
Huion Inspiroy H640P drawing tablet

6.3×3.9 inch active area.

highest rating on amazon and least 1⭐ reviews

in drawing tablet, there is a feature of tilt sensitivity. e.g. you can have thicker line when your pen is tilted more. But, according to pro artists, nobody uses that feature. however, pressure sensitivity is important.

Also, there is battery vs batteryless pen. From one review, it says those with battery are just older tech. But from another article, battery is necessary for more advanced features. Note that Surface Pro pen requires battery.

note, the correct terminology of this device is Drawing Tablet. (not, for example, digital pen, pen tablet, pen pad, drawing pad, touchpad. Though, some do function as touchpad too.)

this is of linguistics interest. There are many forces at play: logical, marketing, history, convenience. “digital pen” is most logical. But that missed the pad part. “Tablet” or “pen tablet” won't work as its already taken. “Pen Display” is with a display.

also of interest: apparently many pro artists prefer drawing tablet over pen display. It seems cuz:: ① pen display impose posture as display is usually heavy n expensive. ② it has tech glitch. e.g. palm touching screen screw precision. ③ drawing tablet has physical shortcut buttons.

Krita, free drawing software

there is free drawing software from linux, Krita, available for Mac and Windows too

Krita 4 kiki 6ffe7-s
Krita, free drawing software 1920×1136

Pen Tablet/Display

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