Doctor Who Keyboard

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doctor who keyboard 8ee87
“It's a board from a local electric distribution center. The serial ports in the back are some proprietary configuration - 50pin male and a 9pin female - there's really no practical purpose for it other than to gawk ☺” [image source reddit]

Total is about 244 keys.

The top is 25x5 = 125 keys.

The bottom part is about 93 keys, plus 4x6 = 24.

This appears to be National Grid keyboard used in UK.

doctor who keyboard b11d2
doctor who keyboard

Apparently, this keyboard is used as a interior prop in British TV scifi series Doctor Who's TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space). TARDIS is the name of a time travling machine that looks like a UK police box (public phone booth used for emergencies)

doctor who keyboard cmuz4
doctor who keyboard ba393 [image source]

2018-09-09 thanks to Marcin Wichary for identification

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