Apple Mouse

By Xah Lee. Date: .

I have used all of these.

Apple mouses 1984 to 2000
Apple mouses, 1984 to 2000. Macintosh Mouse (1984).
Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) Mouse (1986)
Apple Desktop Bus Mouse (ADB) II (1993)
Apple USB Mouse. (hockey puck mouse) [see Apple Bondi Blue iMac keyboard, 1999]
Apple Pro Mouse (2000).
[ image source 2016-05-09 ]

Apple iMac Mouse. 1998

imac mouse-s289x217
Apple iMac G3 mouse

Apple Pro Mouse. 2000

Apple Pro Mouse (2000). The whole mouse is covered in a thick plastic glass. There are no buttons. The whole mouse is one button. [ image source 2016-05-09 ]

Apple Mighty Mouse. 2005

Apple Mighty Mouse 46738
Apple Mighty Mouse. (2005 to 2009) It has a tiny rubber ball on top, which lets you scroll in all directions, as well as click. [ image source 2016-05-09 ]

Apple Magic Mouse. 2009

Apple magic mouse
Apple magic mouse, introduced in 2009. The surface is now multi-touch sensitive.