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infra red optical switch 27658
infra red optical switch

[see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Bloody LK Optical Key Switches Keyboard

Bloody B840 keyboard 19317
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bloody b830 optical keyboard 192a5
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They also have linear switch models. bloody optical keyboard

Bloody LK Optic 2 switch

“LK Optic 2” refers to a clicky switch from Bloody. In English, Bloody still call it “LK Optic” (and refer to Light Strike Technology, of which “LK” is an abbreviation, instead of Light Strike 2 Technology) while in Chinese it is referred to as “LK二代光轴” (LK II optical switch), “LK2光轴” (LK2 optical switch), “LK光轴” (LK optical switch) or simply “光轴” (optical switch).

The switch is unusual in having a design that is totally new, resembling no other known switch. The internal mechanism is of a curious and unclear design, and one that is described as clicky and offering a “machine gun” sound.

“Key response” is given as 0.2 ms, citing an 18–30 ms “delay” due to contact bounce in metal contact switches. Contact bounce is typically given by manufacturers as 5 ms maximum, and it is not clear where the 18–30 ms comes from.

It is likely that the switches accept Cherry MX mount keycaps, but this is not confirmed.


here's how it actually looks like:

bloody light strike optical switch cec08-s1102x735
bloody light strike optical switch. Stem is CHERRY MX compatible. [image source reddit]

Tesoro Excalibur SE Keyboard

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