Cleave Keyboard

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The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard “cleave” is announced around 2018-08-01. It began shipping around 2021-03.

Cleave keyboard 20210408 855-2-s1100
Cleave Keyboard
[photos by MathCube 2021-04] 4032×3024

Total number of keys: 93 keys. (38 for each hand, plus 17 keys on top.)

Is it better than the old? For the physical design, yes, absolutely. The optical key switch is fantastic, and the new arrangement, with more keys, and more thumb keys, is a major plus.

However, as of 2021-04-18, apparently only 10 keys or so near the center is programable. This is a major problem. Not sure if it will be fixed in the future.

Video Review

Truly Ergonomic Keyboard review (Outemu PG816 snap spring optoelectric)
14,122 viewsJan 1, 2022


Cleave keyboard back 20210408 607-2-s1100
Cleave keyboard 20210408 621
Cleave keyboard 20210408 621
Cleave instruction 20210408-s1200
Instruction sheet
Cleave keyboard extra 20210408-s900
key puller and extra keys
Cleave keyboard box 20210408 01-s1200
Cleave keyboard box 20210408 319-2-s900

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