Keystone Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: .

This is very promising. Analog keyboard.

keystone keyboard 9qhht
keystone keyboard 9qhht

The company is Inpuct Club (aka IC), based on San Jose, California, USA. Very trust worthy company.

The founder is Jacob Alexander, very well-known in keyboard community. He collects and studies some 600 keyboard from vintage to modern. He often lend his keyboard collection in keyboard meetups.

The keyboard is well-prized.

Even the Wooting keyboard guys (they began the analog keyboard), congratulated them.

wooting keystone comment 2019-07-17 cpx6h
wooting keystone comment 2019-07-17

Problem: they are not ergonomic, split, nor grid layout. But they had to start somewhere.

Where to Buy

kickstarter site

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