XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

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Hall Effect Switch

hall effect switch 2016-11-12
XMIT Hall Effect Switch

Hall Effect Key Switch is a high quality and expensive to manufacture switch used in the 1980s mostly. It is used by lisp machine keyboards. [see Lisp Machine Keyboards]

Hall Effect Switch basically uses a magnet attached to a slider. When the magnet comes close to a microchip, electric flows thru the circuit. No need contact.

Hall Effect Switch is most expensive to make, and most reliable. Each switch is rated at billions of presses. In context, Cherry MX switches are rated at 50 million presses.

APT clicky and tactile Hall effect keyboards review (APT HE) by Chyrosran22

XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

This is XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard.

hall effect keyboard 2016 11 12 98908
XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard
xmit hall effect keyboard 2018 04 23 5bdf9
Full-Sized Wooden version. XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard.
XMIT Hall Effect Switch Keyboard

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