Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

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The Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard came out in 2007.

In 2012, it is discontinued, replaced by Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle
Kinesis Freestyle keyboard (with Canadian French layout). Buy at amazon img src

They also comes with a Mac version (colored white). Buy at amazon Though, i think it's identical to the PC Black version except the {❖ Window, Alt} keys are swapped to be {Opt, ⌘ command}. Either version, this keyboard does not require any extra driver software. Just plug and play. Nice thing is that it has {Copy, Cut, Paste}, keys on the left.

They offer several stands, each with a fancy name. The price varies from $25 to $200. Without stand is called “Solo”.

Kinesis Freestyle incline
Freestyle with “Incline” stand.
Kinesis Freestyle vip
Freestyle with “VIP” stand.

Not sure what keyswitch mechanism it is using exactly, but supposedly a better switch than rubber dome. On their site, it says it's tactile but quiet. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

A review. [Maybe some ergonomics By BCLee. At , accessed on 2011-06-15 ]

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Edge Keyboard

in 2017, the Freestyle Edge came out.

buy this instead: