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Linus tech tip chipmunk and gamer edeot

linus tech tip chipmunk 2021-12-21
the face of money-kissing

The Linus tech tip guy, is now super annoying. With his whinny voice, driveling about things, with high commercialism, yet trying to be hardcore. He's rich now. Churning out video day and night, for the pop audience.

And gamers, are the most idt fuck on this earth. Wit their mouse dpi and acceleration obsession for decades. These are teen idt, and young adult idts, including, some became mega star and rich. That aspect, is like hollywood actors. Rich idits.

Linus Tech Tip Became Stupid

Linus of linus tech tip is getting more and more idiotic everyday. His video review on gaming gear was popular, maybe 10 years ago, then, he became a YouTube pro. Now, churning out vids like actors, and also hiring others to act. But, it just became stupid.

linux tech tip on Safe Type Keyboard 2017-07-18
linux tech tip on Safe Type Keyboard 2017-07-18

When you became a pop star, usually you became lame, doesn't matter what field. Because, to expand audience to the populace, means you need to fit the masses. So, you become lame. This applies to tech corporations. Look at Facebook, google, twitter.

Linus Sebastian, a great man

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