Logitech G610 Keyboard

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The Logitech G610 came out in March, 2016.

The G610 is just a plain looking keyboard, but with backlight and Cherry MX switches.

It's almost exactly the same as Logitech G810 Keyboard that use Romer switch.

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Cherry MX Red or Brown Mechanical Key Switch

Available in Cherry MX Red or Brown.

Red is linear, no tactile bump, lighter resistance, fast. Usually preferred by gamers.

Brown has a tactile bump, usually preferred by typist.

[see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

No On-Board Memory

There's no on-board memory. This means, you can't plug this keyboard into Linux or another machine and expect your settings to work.

Bad Space Bar

The space bar however does not match this quality whatsoever. It is loose, rattles and makes a loud clacking sound whenever it is depressed with a regular typing pressure.

โ€” amazon review By goomon August 27, 2016

Work in Linux?

Question: So without the logitech software installed, what is the default lighting on the keyboard? Would the g610 have issues running under linux it?

Answer: I have had my Logitech G610 for 4 months. I use it with my work computer, and from that I can say that the keyboard functions fine without the software installed. The default lighting configuration when you plug in the USB cord is a wave flowing left to right. By holding the lighting key while pressing the numbers 1-5 you can choose between the 5 animated lighting options pre-programmed into the keyboard. If you hold the lighting key and press the number 0 all of they keys will be uniformly lit. By pressing the lighting key you cycle through the 3 pre-programmed backlight brightness settings and the backlight off setting. The brightness adjustment applies to all of the aforementioned settings.

โ€” amazon answer by Trunner3000 on December 8, 2016


No buy.

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