Logitech G613 Keyboard

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The Logitech G613 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, came out in November, 2017.

Logitech G613 keyboard a2a0d
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The wristpad is integrated, cannot be removed.

Logitech G613 keyboard 56f18
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Logitech G613 keyboard eb42e
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This is pretty sweet. Wireless is especially useful. Not that many power multi functions keyboard are wireless.

Would wish they have a sound wheel though. They got a seesaw switch instead.

The 6 extrap programmable keys is great. For programers or office use, set it prev/next tab, close tab, prev/next window, or select all, copy, cut, paste.

Also, it's nice to not have a Fn key. The Fn key are usually hardwired, so cannot be re-programed even via OS. So, it's like a dead horse squating in your front yard. In its place, the ▤ Menu key, you can use it as is or reprogram it.

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