Logitech G815/G915 Keyboard

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Logitech came out with new keyboard, the G915 (wireless) and G815 (wired). They came out on 2019 August.

Logitech G915 (wireless)

logitech g915 52yb6
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Logitech G915 n2c5p
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Logitech GL Switch (Kailh Choc Switch)

kailh choc switch 7n3wg-s250
Kailh Choc Switch

Logitech G815 (wired)

The wired version has USB pass-thru port on keyboard. Otherwise it has the same features as the G915.

Where to Buy


If you don't need logitech's fancy features, such as wireless, 5 programable buttons, you can just buy Havit, that has the same switches.


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