Logitech G-Hub Sucks

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Logitech G-Hub is truely the most unintuitive software.

All i want to do, is to program the mouse's onboard memory, so i can use the mouse on any machine and operating system without needing to install software.

G-Hub can do this, but, you have to spend at least 1 hour trial and error, to understand the user interface.

logitech ghub 2021-02-18
logitech ghub 2021-02-18

Ghub Almost Bricked My G604 Mouse

The logitech ghub faak. Now i reached a state that the firmware is in a inconsistent state, and i lost the capability to set onboard memory. I searched the web, read the manual, and found no way to reset the thing.

I was using bluetooth. While setting onboard memory. There's little icon flashing on the top right. Hover over it, it says, backend connection problem. Then, i waited for a few min, still flashing, then i quit ghub. Also tried turn on/off the g604 swithch at back. And also took out the battery and reinsert. And eventually restarted window. But still, can't set onboard memory profile now.

Now, after few restart, now the ghub does not show the panel for dpi setup. And when you click the upper right gear icon for settings to goto onboard memory page, the screen becomes black, forever.


uninstall the ghub, and reinstall it.

In 2019, logitech released G-Hub, their latest software for their gaming keyboard and mouse.

G-Hub is the worst software possible, to the degree that i no longer recommend logitech mouse.

The g-hub bricked my onboard memory settings for Logitech G502 Mouse.

the g-hub is primarily cloud based. Logitech few years ago has truly the best software โ€œLogitech Gaming Softwareโ€ . Most easy to use and powerful. But now, ghub, the worst. And also greedy. It is problematic to program the onboard memory, forcing you to need to install their driver software plus internet connection and sending your data to them. Like Razer is doing.

When buying a mouse or keyboard, the most important thing is programability and onboard memory. Meaning, set keys to what you want, and plug in the mouse in any computer, and you have your settings, no need to install another software or spend time to config again. Logitech stuff been good. But now like razer, faak. They now focusing on cloud. Require their driver software always present, and internet connection, so they can monitor your usage and sending your stat to them so they can sell data. But the faaking idiotic gamers, teen whatnot, think oh my god so cool auto profiles etc shit.

logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 7c8hd
logitech ghub sucks [2020-05-22 from a amazon reviewer on Logitech G604 Mouse]

by Jeremy Barnes

1.0 out of 5 stars Mouse is fine, ghub software is horrendous

Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019

The Logitech Gaming Software that was used with older hardware was fantastic. I used a g602 and had to replace it so I went with the updated g604. The mouse itself is fine, feels like an improvement in terms of construction, battery life, feel, etc.

However, it wasn't detected by the Logitech Gaming Software which I found out it uses a new software, ghub. Ghub is inferior to the older Logitech Gaming Software in many ways. Some of them..ridiculous. I have no idea why you would tie your new hardware to a buggy software that doesn't seem to have had any sort of UI product testing..

Some of the problems:

I honestly don't know how a company the size of logitech with the professionals at their disposal could possibly release such a POS interface.

2020-05-22 from a amazon reviewer on Logitech G604 Mouse

logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 bxn4v
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 ykkbh
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 6bgd9
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 y8999
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 pbbkw
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22 tw2x4
logitech ghub sucks 2020-05-22