Logitech G604 Mouse

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Logitech G604 Mouse came out in 2019-09.

g604 mouse 20200709 49753-s900
Logitech G604 Mouse Buy at amazon 1920ร—1304

Marketing Blurb

I bought it on 2020-07-08. It is very nice. The ghub software to program the mouse is lousy, but if you are patent, you can program all the buttons into the onboard memory. Then, you can use the mouse on any machine and operating system without needing ghub present.

g604 mouse 20200709 right view-s900
g604 mouse, right view
Note the top left buttons, they are higher. So you can feel them without looking. 1280ร—859
g604 mouse battery 20210108
battery and USB dongle pocket.

G-hub, Worst Software

The software to program the mouse, is worst on earth.

Very difficult to understand the user interface. You have to spend at least 1 hour trial and error to understand how to program the buttons for setting the onboard memory.

However, the ghub is capable to program the onboard memory for all the buttons.

For detail why ghub is so bad, see Logitech G-Hub Sucks


In the onboard memory screen, when you make a change to the profile, it'll take about 10 seconds for the software to send the signal wirelessly to set the firmware in the mouse. During this time, don't move your mouse too much.

If you screwed up, and the ghub gets stuck on its flash screen or blank screen etc, the solution is delete the ghub and reinstall it.

Size and Weight

weight: 113g without battery. 138g with battery.

This mouse is lightly larger and heaver than the wired version of Logitech G502 Mouse

Optimal Button Setup

Here's optimal button setup for web browsing.

Logitech G604 Mouse buttons 2020-09-01 yTjN7-s600
Logitech G604 Mouse buttons 2020-09-01 f5VfZ-s600

Where to Buy

Buy at amazon

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