LY092 Mini Keyboard

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USA is thriving with crowd funded fancy keyboards that will become available in year 3000, or DIY keyboards that takes a life-time to build your own.

Meanwhile in China, sound ergonomic keyboards, are a dime a dozen, and 5 times cheaper, and you can buy it NOW.

Here's one of them, made by a company Smart Yao in Shanghai started in 2014. (上海灵瑶信息技术有限公司是一家从事电子产品研发和销售的创新型科技公司, 公司成立于2014年3月)

The model is “LY092 mini keyboard”, with many variations.

ly092 mini keyboard 73259c
ly092 mini keyboard 26590c
LY092-SN 4 mini keyboard symmetric 45150
LY092-SN layout 4.
44 keys, user-defined programable keys, with front labels.

• Each keypad keys are programable keys. You define what each key does.

• Each keypad act independently. So, buy 2 keypads, and you have a split keyboard. Or use each as gaming pad or shortcuts keypad.

• The keys can be programed to type macro, e.g. copy cut paste, or for gaming, or CAD apps, video/audio/image editing apps, etc.

• Mechanical keys with Gateron switch of your choice.

• Cheap!

There are a few variations on the physical layout.

LY092-SN mini keypad 6x8 grid 77737
LY092-SN 6排8列 九宫格结构.
LY092-SN 6x8 grid layout, Gateron red switches.

They have a few choices of key switches, i've seen Gateron red and Gateron black.

〔►see Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Programable Keys

ly092 mini keypad software 62592
Sample use.


Some versions are backlit.

ly092 mini keyboard backlit zg7d
backlit. Buy at amazon
ly092 mini keyboard backlit 8781
LY092 Mini Keyboard, single hand keypad. Choice of Cherry MX switch. Buy at amazon

LY092 Mini Keyboard, Staggered Layout

here's the more traditional staggered layout. Comes in left-handed version and right-handed version.

ly092 mini keyboard 00yh
Buy at amazon
ly092 mini left 21421
ly092 mini left 03 voop
ly092 mini 2 black s6az

Here's another model, i haven't looked into.

ly092 mini keyboard 04523

Total Key Count

Each keypad has 44 to 48 keys, depending on model.

Where to Buy

company site

taobao shopping site.

Get a Chinese friend to read for you.

or on amazon. I only found the staggered left-hand version as programable keypad, told by a reseller, probably not official Buy at amazon