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USA is thriving with crowd funded fancy keyboards that will become available in year 3000, or DIY keyboards that take a life-time to build.

Meanwhile in China, sound ergonomic keyboards, are a dime a dozen, and 5 times cheaper, and you can buy it NOW. Here's one of them.

The LY092 Mini Keyboard/keypad came out in 2017.

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Smart Yao Keyboard 3627×2465 [image source reddit]

There are also single handed models.

smartyao keypad
Programable keypad. 44 keys. Front-print key labels. Buy at amazon

Buy at amazon

• All keys are programable. You define what each key does.

• By default, it is a full mini keyboard, with letter keys and number keys, but no modifiers keys, and missing some punctuation and symbols such as , @ ! ?.

• Each keypad act independently.

• The keys can be programed to type macro, e.g. copy cut paste, or for gaming, or CAD apps, video/audio/image editing apps, etc.

• Not expensive!

Mechanical Keys, Gateron Switch of Your Choice

Guide to Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms

Plug and Play, Works in Linux and Mac

No software driver needed. Plug and Play. Works in Linux and Mac.

If you didn't program the keys, keys are their default action.

Can You Buy 2 and Use as a Full Keyboard?

I heared from a friend, if you buy 2 independent ones, and connect both to the computer. Then, on a Mac, the modifier does not work with the other pad. I.e. You press shift on left, and press a letter on the right. Doesn't work. However, it works in linux and Microsoft Windows.

But also, I some models are 2 pads as a set, connected by a wire. On those, there shouldn't be this problem, but i can't say for sure.

Programable Keys

ly092 mini keypad software 62592
Sample use. (available in English or Chinese version)

The software to program keys is for Microsoft Windows only. (it does have English and Chinese versions.)

Once the keys are programed, they are in the keyboard's memory. You can plug the keyboard in any other machine, Mac or Linux or Microsoft Windows, and it'll work right away.

Here's what you can program:

• Set a key to send any key on PC keyboard, including modifiers such as Ctrl, ❖ Window, F12, Print Screen, Num Lock, or number pad keys. Any that appears on a full sized PC keyboard.

You can also use a HID key code. (that's the keycode used in USB)

• Set a key to send any key combination. That is, ❖ Window, Ctrl, Alt Shift, or combination of them, with another key on PC keyboard.

• Set a key to send mouse click, including {left, middle, right} buttons. You can also set a key to move mouse by {x,y} pixels.

• Set a key to send a Fn1 or Fn2 key combination with another normal key. (the fn are special modifier keys.) I haven't used this feature.

• “burst keys” → Set a key to type a sequence of 3 keys.

• “round robin keys” → Set a key to type a cycle of 3 keys. That is, first press, type A, second press types B, third press types C. The A B C can be any PC keyboard keys.

• “continue key”. → Set a key X to send another pc key continuously. Press X again to stop.

• “jitter key” → Set a key to type another key, emulating user repeatedly hitting the key as fast as possible. e.g. the fire button in gaming. 20 key singles per second.

• Control backlit. (only for those with backlit models.)

• Disable a key.

Total Key Count

Each keypad has 44 to 48 keys, depending on model.

Where to Buy

It's made by a company Smart Yao in Shanghai started in 2014. (上海灵瑶信息技术有限公司是一家从事电子产品研发和销售的创新型科技公司, 公司成立于2014年3月)

A reseller is selling it on amazon as “koolertron”

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More Photos

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SmartYao KeyboardKinesis Advantage2 Keyboard Review
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The motley keycaps i put there are intentional, so fingers can identify key positions by touch.
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SmartYao LY092
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