MCM Model 70 Microcomputer (1972)

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MCM Model 70 Microcomputer 5188c-s1002x809
MCM Model 70 Microcomputer designed and built in Canada from 1972-74 (Kingston and Toronto), AC and/or battery power, two tape cassettes for programs and storage, plasma display screen. 2861×2310 [[ image source 2018-05-29 ], By Nash Gordon]

The MCM/70 was a pioneering microcomputer first built in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and released the next year, making it one of the first microcomputers in the world, the second to be shipped in completed form, and the first portable computer. The MCM/70 was the product of Micro Computer Machines, one of three related companies set up in Toronto in 1971 by Mers Kutt. It is considered by some historians to be the first usable personal microcomputer system.

[2018-06-08 Wikipedia MCM/70]

MCM Model 70 Microcomputer b4350 s1507x956
MCM Model 70 Microcomputer keyboard 3917×2484 [ image source 2018-05-29 ]

Note the math symbols on the keys. That's for programing APL language.

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