Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The Microsoft Surface Book series laptop came out in 2016.

microsoft surface book keyboard 2016 58947
Microsoft Surface Book Keyboard, 2016. [image source]

Keys like PrintScreen Home End PageUp PageDown Insert are merged with the function keys, accessed with holding Fn.

It retains the Delete โŒฆ as dedicated physical key.

There is one significant innovation: the number key row is positioned more to the right than traditional layout. Look at the keys 7 and u. Now, look at other laptops of these keys.

This innovation of Microsoft Surface Book keyboard is great, because the traditional keyboard number key row position is shifted too much to the left. It was that way inherited from mechanical typewriter's design, in order to keep the levers underneath evenly spaced.

[see Keyboard Design Flaws]

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