Moonlander Keyboard

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This came out around 2020-07.

moonlander keyboard 2020-08-13 WvrMJ
Moonlander Keyboard. Total of 72 keys. [photo source twitter]

This is a improved version of Ergodox, made by the same people who made ErgodoxEZ.

It added a adjustable hinge for the thumb keys, and improved the thumb keys arrangement.

Overall, am not sure it's that much better. Because the ergodox has a known problem with thumb keys being too far, see Ergodox Keyboard Thumb Keys Pain. The moonlander tried to fix this by creating inward bend, so the thumb move inward to press the key, instead of downward. I'm not sure about the inward bend such as the Dactyl Manuform Keyboard. Because downward motion has the gravity principle. You don't have to flex any of your hand muscles, you can have your hand fixed like a inflexible iron hand and have the whole hand come down with thumb pressing the thumb key. You can peck the key this way. But with inward design, you cannot do that. You are forced to flex your thumb.

ergodox infinity keyboard 25150-s333x188
Ergodox 76
moonlander keyboard 2020-08-13 5FSXW
[photo source twitter]
moonlander keyboard k3Nd3
Moonlander keyboard. Photo by ctietze [] , 2021-01-08
moonlander keyboard GFQKH
Moonlander keyboard, thumb keys. Photo by ctietze [] , 2021-01-08
moonlander keyboard yQW9d
Moonlander keyboard, red thumb key. Photo by ctietze [] , 2021-01-08

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