SAIL Keyboard

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SAIL Keyboard. (SAIL = Stanford AI Lab.) Dated about before 1974.

sail keyboard 8cd7f-s1471x979
SAIL keyboard. 4708×3134 [image source flickr, by Marcin Wichary ©]

SAIL keyboard is for the Stanford AI lab Datadisc and III displays connected to the PDP-10 computer running WAITS.

Note, SAIL was started in 1963 by John McCarthy (inventor of LISP programing language) , after he moved from Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Stanford.

SAIL was one of the leading centers for AI research and an early ARPANET site.

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SAIL keyboard 3baa6
SAIL keyboard [Photo by Marcin Wichary]

Note the short spacebar.

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SAIL keyboard 96232
SAIL keyboard [Photo by Marcin Wichary]

Note, 0 is placed to the left of 1. See this thread on a bit history of that.

SAIL keyboard 28106
SAIL keyboard [Photo by Marcin Wichary]

2018-07-27 thanks to Lars Brinkhoff for info on SAIL keyboard. •

Knight Keyboard

lisp knight keyboard-s339x184
Knight Keyboard

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