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Active Stylus vs Non-Active Stylus

Non-Active Stylus pretty much simulate finger. Advantage is that it's cheap and simple. Problem is, you have to hold to have a right click, which is very frustrating because sometimes it doesn't work, and also it's difficult to make a text selection.

Touch Screen Pen (Non-Active Stylus)
Mikicat Stylus (Active Stylus)

Active pen typically require battery (or rechargeable), have buttons on the pen, can work as eraser, and is pressure sensitive, can do right click, can drag to select easily.

most importantly, with active pen, you can write or draw with palm on the tablet, and you have dedicated right click, often necessary.

RENAISSER Raphael 520 Stylus for Surface

This is fantastic. I'd say, best active-stylus for Microsoft Surface tablet. [see Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2015]

RENAISSER Stylus 2021-07-03
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