Problem with Touchscreen User Interface

By Xah Lee. Date: .

problem with tablet finger/pen user interface

gah the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 2015 tablet, when using finger or pen without mouse really have problem with copy text, or any involve context menu, such as search a selected text.

When you need right click, typically you use finger or pen to touch and hold. However, that does not always work. Sometimes the wrong context menu shows up.

For example on YouTube, when you want to right click the vid to copy current time. On Microsoft Windows surface pro 4 tablet, it sometimes shows the generic browser go back to previous page menu.

Another example, when you need to copy a phrase in browser. After you touch and hold (with finger or pen) or double click, you end up with selection of a single word. Then you touch the extend shape to extend selection, then touch and hold, but your extended selection got removed.

The solution is annoyingly forced to connect a mouse, usb or blutooth, but when you walk about, that cant be done. So the next solution is to turn on the virtual trackpad. Super akward and annoying.

I suppose Apple tablet iPad no have this problem.