Mikicat Stylus Review

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

2020-08-02 Bought this Stylus Pen by Mikicat.

2020-08-16 update: do not buy. it broke after 41 days. The button to turn it on no longer works.

This is the general purpose active pen for any touch-screen. tablet or phone.

Full name: โ€œStylus Pen for Touch Screens, Rechargeable 1.5mm Fine Point Smart Pencil Active Stylus Digital Pen Compatible with iPad and Most Tablet by Mikicatโ€

mikicat tablet pen 20200802 GSb7c
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Click the button on the pen to turn on. The button feels like a mouse button. When on, it lights blue.

mikicat tablet pen 20200802 sbZ5B
Red light is on when in charge.
mikicat tablet pen 20200802 ftg72
You can turn it on during charge. Both blue and red light will be on, resulting a puple color.

Works on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Moto G5 Plus Phone, 2017 phone.

If you just want a pen for clicking etc, it ok. Finger is still much more responsive for clicking. If you want to draw, or do lots note taking, it's not ideal.

if you went for Apple pencil Buy at amazon or Microsoft surface pen Buy at amazon , they are $100.

I have a Microsoft pen for Surface pro 4. It's much better. But it stopped working after a software update. Not sure am out of battery or what.

much better: