Trackball Roller Plus

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this trackball is marketed under several names

This one is beautiful.

traxsys esterline trackball roller plus 2
Traxsys Trackball Roller Plus.

Ball diameter: 63.5 mm [see Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement]

traxsys trackball buttons

The blue button on lower right is a drag lock. (equivalent to holding the left button)

The button north of the trackball is X-Y switch. โ€œ Pressing this switch once gives left-right cursor movements only, pressing again gives up-down only. To cancel this function the switch should be pressed a third time. Selection of this function is indicated by an LED at the top left of the unit.โ€

The brown translucent cover is removable. The purpose of the cover is to prevent accidental clicks.

Seems these trackballs are designed for wheelchair.

The lower left button, with picture of man running, is speed control button. Basically, a DPI switch.

traxsys esterline trackball roller plus 1
Traxsys Trackball Roller Plus.

How much? I found $280 online, while another site is $400+. You'll have to search.

Manufacture home page at

penny and giles roller plus trackball
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roller plus trackball and expert mouse
โ€ข Kensington Expert โ€ข Trackball Roller Plus image source
roller plus trackball 39749-s
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Traxsys Trackball Roller II

traxsys esterline trackball roller ii p1 800x800
Trackball Roller II.