DEC VT220 Terminal, LK201 Keyboard

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2018-10-01 work in progress

DEC VT220 Terminal, and the LK201 Keyboard that came with it, is created in 1983.

DEC VT220 terminal LK201 keyboard 2JWcQ-s1000
DEC VT220 terminal, LK201 keyboard [ image source 2020-08-25 ] 6000×4000

This is probably the first keyboard with inverted arrow keys configuration. [see Arrow Keys History]

VT220 terminal gqYVx-s900

DEC LK201 Keyboard

DEC LK201 keyboard 95r3Z-s700
DEC LK201 keyboard 4318×1337
DEC LK201 keyboard Xx2s4
DEC LK201 keyboard Xx2s4
DEC LK201 keyboard Ntfmp
[image source]
DEC LK201 keyboard 92ybj
[image source]
DEC LK201 keyboard DgcwN
[image source]

The VT220 video terminal came after VT100

DEC VT100 terminal 2013 08 30 7ea01a58 s s265x236
DEC VT100, 1978

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