DEC VT100 Terminal

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The glorious VT 100, introduced in 1978.

DEC VT100 terminal 2013-08-30 7ea01a58
DEC VT100 terminal. 〔photo by Jason Scott ©2776×2464

Note, there is no Alt key. So, for emacs users, you have to press Escape instead.

[see Practical Emacs Tutorial]

It's got 80×24 characters screen.

DEC VT100 terminal 2013-08-30 44908
DEC VT100 terminal. 〔photo by Jason Scott ©5616×3744
DEC VT102 terminal
DEC VT102 terminal.
DEC VT101 terminal 9b0abffa
DEC VT101 terminal. [image source ] 2232×1868

[see GNU Emacs and XEmacs Schism]

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