Water Resistant Mechanical Keyboard

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reddragon keyboard 86gnw
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AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard KM-G9-US

This one came out in March 13, 2017

These Chinese cheap keyboards are eating American keyboard market. Quite amazing. Mech switch, water resistant, and double-shot-molded keycaps. For only about $30. Normally, just a set of double-shot-molded keycaps costs you $30.

I haven't heard of any bad reviews in past 4 years about them.

AUKEY Keyboard KM-G9-US ygh8t
AUKEY Keyboard KM-G9-US water 9697v
water resistant
AUKEY Keyboard KM-G9-US keycap 3rqyt
double shot keycaps

TOMOKO/VicTsing keyboard

This one first appeared on amazon in November, 2016. The brand was TOMOKO in 2016, but seems renamed to VicTsing around 2018. It's seems no longer made as of 2019.

tomoko mmc023 keyboard water resistant 41896
VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard, Blue Switch, 87 Keys
tomoko 104 keyboard water resistant 83176 cropped
“TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Water Resistant Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch for Gamers, Anti-ghosting Keyboard (Black, 104 Key)”
tomoko keyboard water resistant 80514
“TOMOKO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches, 6-Color Backlit, 104 Keys Anti-Ghosting”