PowerShell: Download, Install

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PowerShell is scripting language created by Microsoft, first released in 2006. There are different version of PowerShell and name change over the years. Here's important name and version you should know.

PowerShell Core

means PowerShell version 6 (released in 2018) and later. It is the new, cross platform version of PowerShell, available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux.

The command to start PowerShell Core is pwsh.

Microsoft PowerShell

Means PowerShell version 5 (released in 2016) or version before. It is for Microsoft Windows only. This is bundled in every Windows 10. It is no longer developed.

The command to start Microsoft PowerShell is powershell.


Download the new Cross Platform version for Windows, Mac, Linux at https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell

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